Common Sense License

The Common Sense License is meant to give you easiness of mind that you are using a (digital) work (including ideas) as its authors intended to allow it. This license is like what could be called a "Public Domain License", but with a touch of common sense attached.

Even though this license is a no brainer, it still requires some common sense.

The work released under a Common Sense License may be used by you for anything, in any conditions and circumstances, without any obligations toward anybody. This means that you can also sell the work under its original name.

Just use common sense when you use, modify, distribute, give credit or compensation to the authors of such work, consider the responsibility or liability of parties, and use the name of the work.

Note that the name of the work may be covered by other terms of use. However, if there are no special terms of use, the name is also covered by the Common Sense License.

Although you are not bound or forced by the authors of the work to give them compensation, if you don't even give them credit then, to put it elegantly, you are neither dude nor dudette.

Although you may claim ownership of the work, you may not deny to others to do the same thing (which, obviously, includes the original author). You can only deny to others ownership of the changes you make to the work, if you release the modified work under a different license.

Once a work has been released under a Common Sense License, its loose terms may not be withdrawn, except for subsequent changes to the work.